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FAPA President's Book Awards

Florida Authors and Publishers Association (FAPA) is pleased to announce the guidelines for the 2016 FAPA President’s Book Awards, which recognize book publishing excellence and creativity in design, content and production for North American authors and publishers. The recipients of these awards will be chosen from  entries submitted between October 15, 2015 to May 1, 2016.

Congratulations to the 2015 FAPA President's Book Awards Winners! Winners were be announced Saturday evening, at the HILTON ORLANDO LAKE BUENA VISTA in the Walt Disney World® Resort, Lake Buena Vista,  Florida.


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"Winning the two awards has certainly had a positive impact on my online book sales, during author visits, and at school presentations.” —Diane Harper, FAPA 2014 Children's Winner for Jace’s Adventure in the Forbidden Forest and Jace’s Adventure at Crystal Lagoon.

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"Once you have received a book award, you are forever known as an award-winning author. That phrase appears on my web site, in my bio, on blog tours, in book reviews and literally anywhere I am promoting myself or my books. The award stickers that come with the award to put on your books are eye-catching and always elicit positive comments at book signings." —T. L. Williams, FAPA 2013 Winner for Adult Fiction, Cooper's Revenge; and 2014 for Winner for Adult Fiction, Unit 400: The Assassins




FAPA President's Book Awards winners receive:

  • A gold or silver medal
  • A certificate suitable for framing
  • Labels to place on book covers
  • Exposure to peers
  • Free media publicity
  • Link to their website/book blog
  • Listing of their name and winning title(s) on the FAPA website for one year.  

Interested authors and publishers may submit one or more 2015 and 2016 English language titles (up until entry deadline) in as many of the following categories as desired:

1. Autobiography/Memoir

2. e-book

3. Adult Fiction – General

4. Adult Fiction – Genre: Romance, Mystery/Suspense, Horror, Western, Sci-Fi

     (Note: We separate submissions into specific categories as needed.)

5. Adult Nonfiction

6. Young Adult Fiction

7. Young Adult Nonfiction

8. Children’s Fiction

9. Children’s Nonfiction

10. Children’s Picture (Read to Me) Book

11. Education

12. Poetry Book

13. Business Book

14. Florida Fiction Book for Adults

15. Florida Nonfiction Book for Adults

16. Florida YA books (both fiction and non-fiction)

17. Florida Young Children books (both fiction and non-­â€fiction)

18. Florida Children Picture (Read to Me) Book

19. Biography

20. Coffee Table Book

21. Cookbooks

22. How-To/Self-Help

23. Health & Fitness

24. Home & Garden

25. Humor

26. Political/Current Events

27. Reference

28. Religion

29. Sports & Recreation

30. Short Fiction – including short stories

31. Cover Design – small format – smaller than 6 x 9

32.  Cover Design – larger format – larger than 6 x 9    



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Red Stripe

  • Author or publisher must reside in North America.
  • Acceptable publishing dates include 2015 or by April 30, 2016.
  • Books/ebooks must have an ISBN number, and state the year published within the book.
  • FAPA membership is not required for entry, although FAPA members receive a discount.*
  • Previous award winning titles of FAPA President’s Book Awards may not be re-entered
  • FAPA board members are able to enter books in the awards competition.


Join FAPA Here and Renew FAPA Membership Here. If you aren’t sure whether or not your membership is current, email the VP of Member Services (


Orange Stripe

  • All entries in each category will be considered by three judges.
  • Librarians from Florida and other states will judge content and theme, and professional book designers will judge layout and design elements.
  • Entries will not be returned. Judges are not paid but are allowed to keep the entries that they evaluate, or they may donate them to their library or other non-profit organizations that promote reading.
  • Do NOT mark your entries. No notes to the judges, nothing scrawled on the cut edge of the paper or inserts placed inside for the judges. Markings or messages will render a book ineligible.



Green Stripe

FAPA will award one Gold Medal and up to two Silver Medals in each category. Finalists will be announced by email and listed on the FAPA website the first week of July. All finalists will receive at least a silver medal.

At the FAPA President’s Book Awards Banquet medalists for each category will be honored.  All category winners will receive a gold or silver medal and an awards certificate, along with 10 gold or silver “Winner” stickers.

New and previous award winners can order additional decals hereEach winner will receive an e-certificate following the awards banquet.

A FAPA-issued, award-announcement press release will be sent to the author or publisher for release to print and broadcast media and for use on the winner’s website and/or blog and social media.



Red Stripe

1.  Complete and return a separate FAPA President’s Book Awards Program entry form for each title you are entering.  Register Online.

2.  Send four copies of your book for each category entered (e.g. one book entered in three categories = 12 copies of the book).

3.  Send four printed PDF copies of each e-book entered book. Additionally, if you have video/audio files embedded in your e-book, send along 4 discs or USB flash drives containing those files.

4.  Include a check or money order (M.O.) for your entry(ies) to cover the appropriate fees as indicated below.


  • Early bird entry fees per title (until March 1, 2016):

$75 (non-members)   $65 (members)

$50 each additional category


  • Entry fees per title (after March 1, 2016):

$85 (non-members)   $75 (members)

$50 each additional category


Example 1 - One book for three categories as early bird entry:

$75 (non-member) + $50 x 2 additional categories = $175.00 

$65 (member) + $50 x 2 additional categories = $165.00 


Example 2 - One book for three categories entered after March 1:

$85 (non-member) + $50 x 2 additional categories = $185.00 

$75 (member) + $50 x 2 additional categories = $175.00 


Please make your check or money order payable to FAPA or Florida Authors & Publishers Association, write Book Awards in the note section and attach it to your entry form. If you would like to pay using PayPal, you must complete the online entry form and choose the PayPal option. PayPal does allow for a credit card option. 

4.  Include a Disc or Flashdrive with a JPG image of your book(s) cover in high resolution (300dpi). You should put this in a padded envelope so it doesn’t get broken inside the box. We can accept either RGB or CMYK images in a JPG format. Please do not send in the native format or with drop shadows.

5.  Send only materials indicated above. Marketing materials, newspaper articles, personal notes and other promotional items will be thrown away, so please do not include them.

6.  Forward your entry(ies) with delivery confirmation requested if you want to know we received it by the cutoff date of Friday, May 1, 2016. Within Florida, Media Mail (U.S. Postal Service) packages will typically arrive in 1–3 days. Priority Mail (U.S. Postal Service) packages usually arrive in one day. Outside of Florida, Media Mail times vary up to a week, and Priority Mail can take three days or longer. It is unnecessary to go to the extra expense of sending via delivery service, such as UPS or FedEx, unless you are sending on a day that is very close to the deadline of May 1. Entries received after May 1 will not be accepted.

7. If you chose to send payment via check, the check should be mailed to:

 FAPA President’s Book Awards
VP Finance
PO Box 915822
Longwood, FL 32791


8.  Send your books, entry form and cover image files to:

FAPA President’s Book Awards
Terri Gerrell, President
4351 Natural Bridge Road
Tallahassee, FL 32305

E-mail questions to:

NOTE: FAPA reserves the right to reassign entries to categories for which they are best suited, as necessary. Additionally, when a category receives fewer than three entries, the books will be reassigned to other categories or returned with payment to the entrant.



Orange Stripe

Deadline extended for receipt of entries.  All entries submitted NO LATER THAN Friday, May 1, 2016. Books that do not arrive at the address indicated above after the deadline will not be considered and will be returned to sender.


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