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Regional Events are offered for the benefit of all FAPA members. We invite you to register for events offered in your area and of interest to you in your publishing journey.

North Florida

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Jacksonville Regional Event

Market Yourself and Your Book

Jan 30, 2016

Florida State South Campus

This 4-hour workshop exposed authors to a variety of useful resources to assist them with promoting themselves and their book(s). They were given an opportunity to interact with other authors, publishing professionals, and experts in various forms of marketing. Participants interacted with successful authors who provided insight into marketing, using their personality to sell, graphic design, social media, and much more! A representative from Barnes & Noble shared information regarding policies with their stores.

The participants enjoyed a day of learning and networking. This workshop was co-sponsored by OnLine Binding and Florida State College at Jacksonville.

Comments from Attendees:

"FAPA did a great job with this workshop. Lots of interesting little tidbits, even for experienced marketers like myself. I learned a lot today." Marie Fenn, President, Amelia Island Book Festival

"Absolutely awesome, exciting, informative. I’m coming again. Walter Schenck, author
I’m a new editor. I learned so much today about independent publishing and social media for authors." Faye Roberts, editor and former librarian

"Social media is so important today. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and SWAG – stuff we all give away – helps you do everything. Big important stuff!" Shannon Bell, author and presenter on social media.

"Very informative. I learned a lot today. It was right on schedule." Linda Smigaj, author

"Four or five of my students came to the FAPA event today. I’m really excited because they’re young and they’re getting to see the bigger world of writing and publishing." Cheryl Lemine, teacher of creative writing at LaVilla School of the Arts,

"Barnes & Noble salutes the work of FAPA and we are thankful for the opportunity to participate in the recent Marketing Yourself and Your Book. There was a creative energy in the room that made me want to write a book." Steve Tool, Community Business Development Manager, Barnes & Noble, Jacksonville, Florida


Jacksonville Regional Event 2016 Attendee Photos

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Attendee Photos Networking opportunities with authors, publishers, and business professionals!

Jacksonville Regional Event attendee Mark Wayne Adams & Kay Whitehouse Jacksonville Regional Event attendee Jacksonville Regional Event speaker Jane Wood & guest speaker Jacksonville Regional Event attendees Awesome Attendees Hamming it up! Youngest guests Our fearless leaders and speakers So much good information being shared! Jacksonville Regional Event attendees



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