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Do you have a blog? Why don't we know about it? Please share a link to your blog. FAPA members would love to know about you! Contact either of our VP's of Communication to be featured on this blog listing. Please provide your name, company name, blog link, and a brief description.

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Mark Wayne Adams, Mark Wayne Adams, Inc.:  http://artofroyalties.blogspot.com , http://mwa.company/blog/—Educational resource to generate royalty income through illustration, public speaking, and book sales.

Christina Benjamin, Author & Guest Speaker: https://thegenevaprojectbook.wordpress.com/ —Writes Young Adult fiction and speaks at schools and libraries to promote creativity through literacy.


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Rik Feeney, Richardson Publishing, Inc.:  http://www.bookpublishingresource.com


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June Hyjek, Meridian Media Publishing, LLC: http://www.aplaceofgrace.net/blog — The blog talks about observations taken from everyday life, with insights into and lessons about how we can move through the challenges we face with peace and grace.

JLB Creatives Publishinghttp://www.JLBCreatives.Blogspot.com — We focus on featuring an author every Monday along with offering writing tips, information on upcoming literary events, and more.


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Marc Kuhn:  https://mk4567blog.wordpress.com, website:  http://marckuhn.com

Seinfeldish in nature—it isn’t really about anything specific. Rather, it is random in content, which can range from serious and insightful to silly and superfluous. Writing, however, is a frequent topic since I attempt to be an author. The blog is about 2–½ years old and I change it on the average of 34 times a week.  It is rarely controversial or political.

Bob Lucas, Robert W. Lucas Enterprises, Inc.www.robertwlucas.com/wordpresswww.thecreativetrainer.comwww.customerserviceskillsbook.com.


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N. Jane Quackenbush: http://hiddenwolfbooks.com 

Jodie Reener: "Resources for Writers" http://jodierennerediting.blogspot.com/ —A blog by in-demand freelance fiction editor and craft-of-writing author Jodie Renner, is full of great tips and resources for writers and aspiring authors.

Julia Smith:  www.grandpanionandyou.com —A rich resource with a focus on education, leadership, mentoring & coaching, inspiration, and a whole lot of FUN!

Aileen Stewart: "Aileen’s Thoughts" http://www.aileensthoughts.com/Author, Aileen Stewart’s thoughts on reading, writing, and life in general. 


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